The employee is king

How happy employees lead to happy customers

Volkswagen AG
Coaching, Concept Design, Tool Development

Delighting customers and being future ready is a crucial target for all companies. Often the main focus is put on the customer neglecting the people who are at the very base of an excellent customer experience, namely the employees!
For this reason, this coaching concept focuses on employee qualification, development and motivation in order to boost loyalty and customer satisfaction. Continuously trained and motivated employees understand customer expectations better and handle their needs more efficiently. Innovative and bespoke digital marketing strategies can further help attracting customers.
By implementing a micro-modular concept, we successfully tackle specific areas to support individual dealer objectives, increase employee retention and boost customer satisfaction.


Lack of interdepartmental synergies and collaboration

Employee fluctuation and insufficient job attractiveness for future generations

Continuous improvement of customer satisfaction and experience


Micro-modular approach to target individual dealer needs

Carrying out a gap analysis to identify the status quo and selection of suitable micro modules

Training of local coaches through a “coach the coach approach” with a profound onboarding process

Focus not only on employee skills but also their values, needs, and ambitions

Focus on interdepartmental and cross-functional communication as well as collaboration

Development of an interdepartmental KPI tool to show the impact on daily business

Added value

Flexible and efficient: micro-modular concepts to offer maximum flexibility, personalisation, and efficiency

Active learning: development of extensive information, workshops, and exercises materials for the participants to promote active learning

Bottom-up approach: empowerment of the employees to improve the overall retailer performance