Everything with one click

How the use of digital tools is revolutionising
the customer experience

Volkswagen AG
Concept Design, Project Management, Implementation

A few years ago, the automotive retail sector lagged far behind other industries in terms of digitalisation. In some cases, appointments could only be made via the classic channels, the telephone and email. Especially in the after sales area, customers were more and more surprised by the outdated service. During vehicle reception, the after sales consultant would use a clipboard and pen. It was just as difficult to make statements about the availability of parts and exact price information as to adjust customer and vehicle data in real time. Future sales potential was lost due to the lack of documentation.

By using the tablet during customer consultation or other after sales phases, information can be documented reliably and unnecessary waste of resources can be reduced.


Mind-set creation for employees

Sustainable integration of digital tools in the existing service process

Success monitoring based on existing KPIs


Change management workshop with all stakeholders

Joint development of a new digitised process

Definition and precise monitoring of 10 process and business KPIs

Individual system, process, and sales coaching in 5 on-site appointments

Added value

Creation of synergies across departments and teams

Improvement of the customer experience

Exploitation of additional cross- and up-selling opportunities through better CRM and additional sales