1 Retailer – 1 Team

Bringing together what belongs together

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles
Concept Design, Coaching*

In our many years of work in the automotive sector, we have repeatedly seen that there is a rift between the departments at retailer level (e.g. Sales, After Sales, Marketing). The employees do not see themselves as a large team and subsequently pass this impression on to the customer.
Loss of information between the departments leads to errors or delays in the process, which often cannot be understood by the customer and therefore has a negative impact on customer satisfaction.
The high staff fluctuation in the automotive sector can also be directly related to the lack of loyalty of employees towards their team and company.

*For detailed information on the overall project management of this project and the development of supporting tools, please see “Navigating confidently through new waters”.


‘Silo thinking’ across departments and job roles

Insufficient employee loyalty

No holistic and cross-departmental customer support which negatively affects customer experience


Establishment of a cross-departmental team

In addition to process-based topics, coaching units to strengthen the feeling of belonging

Building a team that acts as a ‘customer magnet’

Added value

Continuous, reliable, and transparent communication between the departments

Consistent service experience for the customer

Emotional attachment of the employees to their team and their retailer

Increased sales volumes