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Modular concept for heterogeneous markets

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles
Concept Design, Coaching

Many globally active companies are familiar with this problem: they want to establish a uniform brand image with a comparable service portfolio worldwide, but this can be a real challenge due to the sometimes extreme cultural and economic heterogeneity of the individual countries.
Especially in structurally weaker markets, it can happen that the employees have a very different knowledge level. In these cases, many coaching approaches start at a level that is too high, so that some employees are “left behind” and consequently there are no lasting effects. Through a modular approach and tasks with different levels of difficulty, the coaching can be optimally tailored to the specific needs and the coachees can be picked up at their level of knowledge. If required, the market can also set individual priorities for its dealer network.


Development of an effective coaching approach for extremely heterogeneous markets

Implementation of the coaching taking into account the cultural peculiarities

Efficient knowledge transfer of various subject areas (9+ modules)


A module can be carried out in whole or in part (selection of some targeted tasks)

Use of a needs analysis to identify the current knowledge level and automated selection of relevant module tasks

Training of local coaches through a “coach the coach approach” with a profound onboarding process

Development and preparation of tailored information and exercise materials for the participants to introduce a module and sustainable documentation of the results and developed ideas

Added value

Flexible concept structure: new subject areas (modules) or specific exercises can be added without problems

Efficient solution: needs are reliably identified and individually prioritised (exercises on already known topics can be skipped)

Sustainable learning: the supporting materials with precise exercise instructions make it possible to continue independently between or after the coaching sessions