People, Process, Systems

The ‘rule of three’ for successful digitisation

Concept Design, IT Training & Coaching

Digitalisation is undisputedly one of the greatest challenges of the current working world. Innovative systems can make analogue processes more efficient or even completely automate them. However, many companies underestimate the impact of digitalisation on their employees and the massive influence on the existing work processes.
For this reason, when it comes to digital issues, we first focus on the mind-set of every individual and emphasise all advantages of a digitised process to minimise or eliminate potential concerns. Only then, the employees can fully engage with the change and learn how it works. Process harmonisation and active application ensure a sustainable integration of the system.


‘Convincing’ users of the advantages of the new IT system

Sustainable integration of the new systems into the affected dealer processes

Optimal use of the new IT to increase dealer performance as well as employee and customer satisfaction


Long-term support (1-week coaching, 1-week follow-up and remote support before, between and after the on-site visits)

Target group/ user-specific adaptation of the training and coaching content

In addition to IT knowledge transfer, focus on change management/ mind-set, coaching sessions for active use in the workplace and cross-departmental workshops to harmonise the process

Added value

Confident users

Simplification of operational tasks

Efficient and consistent/ cross-departmental process

Improved customer experience

Future-ready and competitive retailers